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Nothing says Purim like a Purim Hamentashen & Sparkling Wine Mishloach Manot Wood Gift Box. This gift box contains a bottle of sparkling wine and a dozen of hamentashen that are sure to please any palate. The wine is a light and refreshing white wine with a fruity aroma and a sweet taste. It is imported from Italy and has a low alcohol content of 5%. It is ideal for pairing with desserts or enjoying on its own.

The hamentashen are traditional triangular pastries filled with fruit preserves or poppy seeds that are enjoyed during Purim. They are soft, flaky, and sweet, and symbolize the victory of the Jewish people over the evil Haman.

The gift box is packed in a beautiful wooden box that has a sleek black design with gold accents and a magnetic closure. Give someone you care about a simple, yet elegant gift this Purim with this wonderful gift box. Order now and make their Purim unforgettable!

Product Details

  • Gourmet Hamentashen
  • 2 Sparkling Rosé Wine
  • Wood Gift Box