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Surprise your little ones with the Kids Panda Variety Candy & Snacks Gift Pail – the ultimate treat for panda lovers! This cute and thoughtful gift pail is filled with a variety of sweet treats and savory snacks, all featuring a fun panda theme that kids will adore.

Our Kids Panda Variety Candy & Snacks Gift Pail includes a carefully selected assortment of premium cookies, powder candies, gummies, and more. Each one chosen for its delicious taste and playful panda packaging. From tangy panda gummies to yummy chocolate-filled panda cookies, every item in this gift pail is sure to delight your child's taste buds.

Product Details

  • Cookies
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Oodles!
  • Taffy-Filled Chewzy Pops
  • Gumzeez! Gum Balls
  • Frizzlerz Powder Candy