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Purim Spectacular 5 Tier Blue Gift Tower is an impressive and lavish gift option, perfect for the celebration of Purim or any other special occasion. This beautifully crafted tower stands tall with five individual blue boxes, each filled with a delightful treat that adds to the overall grandeur of this gift.

The top tier houses Cannoli Chips, a delightful snack that offers a crispy and sweet bite, reminiscent of the classic Italian dessert. Next, we have Bazzini Milk Chocolate Peanuts in the second tier. These are a perfect blend of salty and sweet, with crunchy peanuts coated in smooth, creamy milk chocolate.

In the middle tier, you'll find the Imperial Tropical Blend. This is a colorful mix of dried tropical fruits that provides a burst of tangy and sweet flavors, offering a refreshing change from the other treats.

The fourth-tier features Milano Cookies. These are beloved sandwich cookies, known for their light, buttery cookie layers and rich chocolate filling. It's a classic indulgence that is sure to delight any recipient.

Finally, the bottom tier is reserved for Godiva Truffles. Known worldwide for their luxurious chocolates, Godiva's truffles offer a decadent experience with their silky-smooth chocolate ganache centers enveloped by a crisp chocolate shell.

All these treats are carefully chosen and arranged in this spectacular gift tower, making it a memorable gift that brings joy and sweetness to any celebration.

Product Details

  • Cannoli Chips
  • Bazzini Milk Chocolate Peanuts
  • Imperial Tropical Blend
  • Milano Cookies
  • Godiva Truffles